Demand Response Automation Server


DRAS Login disclaimer:

By logging in to the SCE Demand Response Automation Server website, the customer acknowledges and agrees that the customer's account(s) is/are Auto Demand Response enabled and the customer understands this account(s) will automatically participate in the events for enrolled demand response (DR) programs, unless the customer invokes an Auto DR opt-out option. The customer also understands that he/she is responsible for making sure his/her system responds to the DRAS signal, for the correct configuration to the DR program(s) in which the customer is enrolled, and for any programmed load reduction sequence. The customer understands that irrespective of a signal from the DRAS, he/she is responsible for participation in DR events.

The customer acknowledges and agrees that SCE is not liable, and hereby waives any and all claims against SCE for any claims, demands, losses, damages, costs, expenses, or liability arising out of the initiation and performance of Auto DR Equipment enablement, however caused, whether active or passive.